Predictable Execution


We provide an open and modular trading platform that offers predictable execution of electronically traded securities.

In order to reach predictability, we partner with you to design, manage, and operate environments dimensioned for your exact trading requirements.

Transactions are processed with high throughput and consistent low latency while also being fault tolerant. Every action is captured as a transaction making it straightforward to comply with existing and coming regulations, e.g., MiFID II and MiFIR.

The Pantor Platform

Smart Order Router

Fight fire with fire. Execute orders with reaction times that level the playing field in the market. Account for every action taken, in minutiae detail.


Embrace and extend a set of flexible matching algorithms. Loose coupling for role separation. Built-in accountability designed for compliance with the changing regulatory framework.

Market Access

Benefit from normalized access to markets across asset classes. Native connectivity using the fastest protocols for predictability, coupled with broker connections for complete coverage.

Strategy Engine

Simple, rich C++ interface for running your code inside the platform, with no performance trade-off. Communication between your engines is done via Blink.

The Pantor Platform

Pre-Trade Risk

Limits and safeguards for client and internal orders at the portfolio level. Use standardized components with Blink and FIX to check out from and report to systems that cannot be part of the pre-trade processing path.

Market Data

Normalized reference and market data for algorithms and other systems, using FIX or Blink. Includes algorithms for liquidity aggregation/consolidation and for correlating with own liquidity.

Integration, Visualisation and Monitoring

Use FIX or Blink to integrate with your clients and surrounding environment: order forwarding, drop copies, risk management, and more.

Rich HTML5 GUI for reporting, analytics, and operations.


We are a dedicated team of professionals who are passionate about taking trading system performance to unprecedented levels. The word team has a strong meaning to us - a belief that the group is stronger than any individual, and that shared values and complementary skills are key ingredients in creating a productive environment. Our clients rely on us to provide an edge all the way from our applied research, development, integration into client environments, through to operation of our systems, hosted by clients or us.


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